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Unisertech teams organize any of the following maintenance services : Preventive and curative maintenance : Daily, weekly and monthly site check :

  • Sites Survey

  • Sites Acquisition, building permit and right of way

  • Site planning

  • Equipments installation

  • Network Planning and Design

  • Network implementation and integration

  • Network Maintenance

  • NTower building and civil work

  • Sites’ Technical Design

  • Project Management

  • Installation and commissioning

Sites Survey


The technical site survey teams are fully equipped with professional tools and perform deep in site analysis in:

  • Site planning survey

  • RF coverage survey

  • Transmission survey and LOS

  • Site accessibility survey (access road)

  • Site Civil Work material survey

  • Power access investigation

A technical site survey report is provided after the work have been completed and provide all the basics information needed for site acquisition, site detailed design and the whole network planning and rollout

Site Acquisition


Site acquisition requires a professional approach while working with land owners and governmental agencies. We are prepared to conduct these services with speed and efficiency.

In addition to our clients requests, we will determine what paperwork and approvals are required for each job and perform the necessary due diligence.

Each site has varying degrees of complexity but new sites typically include the following work from us:

  • Locate an acceptable site location;

  • Negotiate the lease terms with property owner;

  • Obtain the local governmental approvals as required by the location status;

  • Obtain state aeronautics approval as required;

  • Produce a full and accurate SAR (Site Acquisition Report);

  • Obtain a record or Survey and legal description for the land property;

  • Obtain building permit.

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